Beware Marketers!!! Digital Marketing is not the same anymore

Digital Marketing is a MUST for all businesses irrespective of the nature, size or the location you are dealing with. Going back to history one can pick that the term actually is relatively a new one as it was first used only in mid-1990s. According to Wikipedia, “Digital Marketing is an umbrella term for the targeted, measurable, and interactive marketing of products or services using digital technologies to reach consumers. The key objective is to promote brands through various forms of digital media.”

However, this methodology of marketing business has come a long way since its inception as technologies have developed at an extreme pace. Today, anything and everything worth a business requires digitalization in order to stay into the competition. A lot has been talked, written and explained about the core concept on the Internet yet not many of us are able to successfully market our business using the so called “EASY MODE” of marketing. A special research study by a recognized online marketing website indicates that 2015 is turning to be a year which is unlikely for the concept and marketers around the world need to pay attention to the changes and adapt them for better positive results. The practices in the field of digital marketing are surely set to change as the year runs by.

Let’s now glance through the main changes that are ought to happen and try to find how these changes would affect our business digital marketing processes?

Lead generation and key drivers of sales have emerged as the strongest priorities in all businesses, promoters and marketers from both business to consumers (B2C) and business to business (B2B) segments have taken note of the same and huge changes are about to happen in the methods in which they market their products and services. 57% of the marketers from B2C and 68% marketers from B2B have started making these alterations.

Mobile has become the biggest tool in the marketing world. It is with every passing day turning out to be a positive element for the business units. 64% of the B2B and 75% of the B2C businesses have already offering a mobile version of their website for necessary extended reach. Mobile Friendly Websites today are a necessity not a luxury in business.

Few important tips in order to be among the most successful digital marketers in 2015

Know you audiences and learn to measure the reach:

Though the main aim of marketers is to enhance sales, 33% of them aren’t aware of their core audience and the channels that provide the best reach. Moreover, 38% marketers also don’t have a proper pattern of measuring their marketing efforts that indicates the conversion rate. Therefore, knowing the core target and learning how to measure the reach are two vital aspects that a marketer needs to be clear about.

Video helps a lot:

Video is termed to be the most important form of content as it has an overwhelming response. 76% of the B2B and 74% of the B2C businesses around the world have reported to use the marketing format regularly.

Blogging is a MUST:

We have time and again heard a phrase: ‘Content is KING’, this statement still holds substance and will continue. However, there is a lot of scope yet as 51% of B2C business DON’T use blogs at all which is shocking. Most of the business units post a piece of blog at least once a week (which is a healthy time gap). Remember, steady consistency is the key in promoting quality content.

Create an account based marketing system:

At present only 29% of businesses have admitted to be using an account based marketing process. However, 90% of these companies have accepted that it is an effective move for their business which has raised profits.

Concentrate on SEO:

Search Engine Optimization is an integral part of any online business. Last year the impact of using SEO was found in 29% of the online businesses as they witnessed never before returns, there are latest techniques developing everyday in order to assist even the least technical marketer to take care of the ratings.

Social Media is Lifeline for digital marketers:

LinkedIn is recorded to bring 37% revenues for B2B businesses whereas, Facebook helped in acquiring 56% business to B2C business category. Hence, these numbers are evidence enough to convince digital marketers to take part in socially marketing their companies according to their requirements. Social platforms surely work in building up businesses around the globe.


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